The association


Handiski Club Loisirs

Club History

The chalet of the Club (picture)The association handiski club loisir was created in November 1998 under the leadership of 7 sportsmen: Fred, Denis, Christine Bernard, Philippe, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Claude.
In 2008, a cottage was built under the leadership of Daniel, donor of timber and companies of the area (Lathuille frères, Lambersens frères, Perrillat Florent et Fils, SARL Bianchetti, Romain Bernard) and thirty volunteers. This cottage allows to store and maintain all the equipment, but also to welcome members, to prepare, to warm in case of bad weather. It gives access directly to the slopes. 

Winter output of the club (picture)

Financial Resources

Over the years, the association continues to invest in equipments:

- Using financial donations from many public and private partners (Ecole du Ski Français du Grand-Bornand, Conseil Général Haute Savoie, Conseil Régional Rhône Alpes, Fruité Entreprise, Fabrication Artisanale Bâtiment Saint Pierre d'Oléron, SA Fournier Thônes, TSL Sport Equipement SA, Super U à Bonne, Intermarché Les Villards/Thônes, Boyauderie des Savoie, Rotary club...) ;

- Organizing events with partners (Company Anao, Caisse Locale Terminals and Aravis Crédit Agricole des Savoie, Sauce Bornandine ...)

The association also benefited from donations from individuals and there are welcome to maintain these different equipments.