Summer Activities: Choose your equipment to fit your disability

wheelchair pictogram

FTT autonomous descent: the mountain biking wheelchair is halfway between quad and mountain biking

quadrix down hill (picture)You have a limited mobility of the lower limbs but a satisfactory mobility of your upper body and upper limbs with good coordination.

After introductory courses with a specialized instructor, you can, with your family or friends, move on hiking trails or bike trails of the resort, comfortably and safely.

As mountain bikers, you use the lifts, mainly chairlifts without transferring staying within your FTT.

To brake, you have a handle suitable for your type of your disability (tetra handles).

You must evolve with a confirmed mountain biker.

• QUADRIX hand’s : with taking chairlifts - Quadrix hand’s specifications

All our equipments are approved and take the chairlift without transfer of the passenger.

picto sourd (oreille)mental handicap pictogram (faces)blind pictogrampicto fauteuil roulant

Other activities available in the Aravis offered by other associations:

• LIVE : 74230 Les Clefs
Tel : 06-81-36-37-32 outdoor activities

• Anes et Alpages : 74230 SERRAVAL
Tel. : 06 19 23 02 01 Hiking with Donkeys

Other activities:
pdf (icone) Read the guide "Living the Grand Bornand with disability"