Alpine Skiing: Choose your equipment to fit your disability

All our equipments are approved and take the chairlift without transfer of the passenger.

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Skiing sitting autonomous : Personalize your skiing sitting

uniski and dualski (picture)You have a limited motility of the lower limbs but a satisfactory mobility of the upper body and upper limbs with good coordination.
After taking lessons with a specialized instructor, you can gradually evolve from beginner to experienced or competitor on any terrain and in any snow, independently, remaining however always accompanied by a valid (good skier) for your security.
For your balance and your travels, you use outriggers. Your learning phase is facilitated by using a piloting bar.


• DUALSKI (2 skis) : LEISURE, beginner to experienced- Dualski specifications
• UNISKI (1 ski) : LEISURE, experienced- Uniski specifications
• SCARVER based on uniski or dualski : LEISURE, COMPETITIONS, FREE RIDE, experienced- Scarver specifications - It exists a model for people who must ski legs stretched

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Skiing sitting with driver: try this sensation of skiing almost alone

dualski controlled (photo)You have a limited mobility of the lower limbs, upper body and upper limb with or without a mental disability, cognitive or sensory and weight less than 60 kg.
You are a young child's learning phase.
Sitting in your chair ski, you are guided by a skier - holder of an accreditation certificate to pilot this equipment. Your driver uses its own skis.
Depending on your physical condition, you will gradually become the player control. Tilting your head or upper body to the left or right, you engage yourself cornering, your guide ensuring control your speed and balance using a piloting bar.

• DUALSKI DRIVED : Dualski drived specifications
• GMS : GMS specifications

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Sit-ski ride and discovery: let yourself be guided safely

tandemski (photo)You have a severe disability with limited mobility of your upper and lower limbs, with or without a mental disability, cognitive or sensory.
For the most severely disabled people, even without any autonomy as well as seniors and non-skiers, just for fun, sit ski ride favors comfort of the person.
Installed in your chair ski, you are totally guided by a skier - holder of an accreditation certificate to pilot this equipment. You share all the joys of skiing and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Massif des Aravis. Your driver uses the same skis as you.

• TANDEMSKI : all weights, all ages, all disabilities – Tandemski specifications  

picto sourd (oreille)pictos handicap mental (visages)picto non-voyant œeuil

Ski standing: choose your technique and appropriate teaching

ski alpin avec une personne déficiente visuelle (photo)You have an invisible disability, absence of upper or lower limb, malformation, mental disability, cognitive, visual or auditory ...
By using technical assistance and / or instructor that will adapt its pedagogy based on your physical capacibility and / or cognitive, you learn to ski independently and customize your own skiing technique.

• LONG STABILOS : sticks for skis amputee lower limb.
• SKI VOICE and CHASUBLE : walkie talkie and bib for visually impaired people.
• ADAPTED COURSE : do ask a specialized and trained instructor.