Cross-country Skiing: Choose your equipment to fit your disability

All our equipments are approved.

picto fauteuil roulantSkiing sitting autonomous: Personalize your skiing sitting

ski de fond (photo)You have a limited mobility of the lower limbs but a satisfactory mobility of your upper body and upper limbs with good coordination.

After introductory courses with a specialized instructor, you can gradually evolve from beginner to experienced or competitor on ski tracks alternating background (rails) and ski in total autonomy remaining however always accompanied by a valid (good skier) for your safety.

Installed on an adjustable seat placed on two skis, you move by propelling yourself with your arms and your ski poles, where a minimum of fitness required.

• CROSS COUNTRY SLEDGE : to cross country skiing sitting

picto sourd (oreille)pictos handicap mental (visages)picto non-voyant œeuilpicto fauteuil roulantSki standing: choose your technique and appropriate teaching

ski nordique avec personne déficiente visuelle (photo)You have an invisible disability, absence of upper or lower limb, malformation, mental disability, cognitive, visual or auditory.

By using technical assistance and / or instructor that will adapt his pedagogy based on your physical capability and / or cognitive, you learn to ski independently and customize your own skiing technique.

• SKI VOICE and CHASUBLE :walkie talkie and bib for visually impaired people.
• ADAPTED COURSE : call a specialized and trained instructor.